The Eclectric Band

My new ArtistShare® project Concerto for Folded Space will be featuring myself on trombone along with an amazing group of monsters called The Eclectric Band. Here is a rollcall o’ CATS!

Stockton Helbing: drums and producer

StocktonHelbing  stockton helbing 2


Noel Johnston: guitar

Noel 1  Noel 2


Ryan Davidson: guitar

Ryan 1  Ryan 2


Braylon Lacy: bass

Braylon 1  Braylon 2


Daniel Pardo: flutes

Daniel 1  Daniel 2


Special Guests:

Arlington Jones: piano

Arlington 1 Arlinton 2


Bob Minzter: woodwinds

Bob 1  Bob 2


Jimmy Pankow: trombone

Jimmy 1  Jimmy 4


Jason Scheff: Vocals

Jason1 copy   Jason2 copy


Keith Howland: Guitar

Keith1a     Keith1b copy 2


The Maniacal Four: Trombone Quartet (augmented by Jon Gauer, Bass Trombone)



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