The Dover Stone

My new novel The Dover Stone is now available on Click here to check it out! The interesting thing about THE DOVER STONE is that it is part of a larger project that I call “Concerto for Folded Space” (thus the title of this blog) I am in the midst of a big recording project with the good folks at ArtistShare® where I am composing ten pieces that are programmatically informed by the ten “movements” or inter-related vignettes found in THE DOVER STONE. While the novel is now available on Amazon, “Concerto for Folded Space” itself will be released September 1st, 2014.

Stay tuned…


Providing a profound answer to Enrico Fermi’s famous question, “Where is everybody?” The Dover Stone is an epic adventure that covers a time span from 1182 to 2457. In Wiest’s universe, we first meet Ethelred Mason and his Masonic Mentor Hyp Zoon-ee as they learn about The String Foundation that will power the future of the human race and is at the center of everything. After setting the stage in medieval Dover, England with Ethelred and Hyp, the story of our “behind the scenes” early encounters with EBEs and the eventual expansion into the galactic community reads like a “greatest hits” of speculative sci-fi and UFOlogy. Moving through ten “movements” or inter-related vignettes, Wiest’s abilities as a first-rate raconteur will keep you engaged, enraptured and finding yourself rescheduling your day’s activities to keep turning pages! A multiple Grammy-nominated jazz trombonist and composer, Steve Wiest now adds sci-fi author to his list of accomplishments.

TDS Review J


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