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A Zooneyan Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to James Carter “Saint James” “Pank” THE Pank” “Pankenstein” “Bunky” et al, Pankow! That’s right, everyone’s favorite rock-trombonist goes deeper into his 60’s today while retaining a body and creative heart that any 20-something would be seriously proud … Continue reading

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The People’s Space Program(s)

Blogonauts! Hey, so this is the 21st Century right? (I’m hoping that is a rhetorical question) Therefore, we should have all the cool things that we imagined would be here right? I have addressed this subject-soapbox before, but here is … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

mcfar57 !!!!!! Ta Da! Hey, actually EVERYONE is a winner in my opinion. All contestants get a free copy of my CD “Out of The New” no losers THERE! (no brag, just fact…I love that project:) So congrats to all and … Continue reading

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