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From Here to There… (AGAIN)

BLOGGER NATION! Where have I been? Well, as the title of this blog suggests, but the following words will flesh out…I was in transit. From here to there indeed. Of course… what was here is now there, ’tis the nature … Continue reading

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The People’s Space Program(s)

Blogonauts! Hey, so this is the 21st Century right? (I’m hoping that is a rhetorical question) Therefore, we should have all the cool things that we imagined would be here right? I have addressed this subject-soapbox before, but here is … Continue reading

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Mr. Numinous

Blogatious greetings to one-and-all in the collective love-fest that I call “The Cyber-Cosmos” So, what up here in Wiestworld? Lot’s of things (all of which are vying for their very own Blog title…and so it shall be…) but in the … Continue reading

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An Entertaining Truth

WOW! Ok, that was a long break. But, I’m back 🙂 So dig: Here is the TRUTH. Coming to your very own TV set! For me, this truth also fits into my personal religious beliefs. What about you? Discuss… Click … Continue reading

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To the MOON, Alice!_

Bloggernauts! Yes, behold the iconic bark-worse-than-his-bite Ralph Kramden as he warns Alice yet again, that one day….one day… And amazingly, he was right! Well, Alice never went (certainly not via the Kramdenian mode of travel suggested, happily) but many others. … Continue reading

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From Here to There…

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Ok, time to get the party started. In my book The Dover Stone (constant plugging….might as well get used to it 🙂 ) the method that I chose for interstellar travel is called “folding space.” Thus, the title of my … Continue reading

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