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Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver

Release The Dover Stone! (Part 2: EBE BOP)

Howdy Folks! Been gone for awhile, now I’m back. And amazingly, that is a report that is more in-depth than a majority of journalism in our short attention span paradise. I’m sorry …what were we talking about? Ok, back to … Continue reading

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Release The Dover Stone! (Part 1)

Hello Blogatious Buds! I have decided to release my book, THE DOVER STONE in a fun way here at my CFFS HQ Blog. Because it is self-published and the Mega Corporation Wiestworld Productions has a VERY slim advertising budget, this … Continue reading

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From Here to There… (AGAIN)

BLOGGER NATION! Where have I been? Well, as the title of this blog suggests, but the following words will flesh out…I was in transit. From here to there indeed. Of course… what was here is now there, ’tis the nature … Continue reading

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A Zooneyan Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to James Carter “Saint James” “Pank” THE Pank” “Pankenstein” “Bunky” et al, Pankow! That’s right, everyone’s favorite rock-trombonist goes deeper into his 60’s today while retaining a body and creative heart that any 20-something would be seriously proud … Continue reading

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Blogworld! The first FREE PREVIEW from Concerto for Folded Space has dropped, landed, materialized, been born, entered our realm of being, and otherwise been released! As a big-time pull-out-all-the-stops promotion for the upcoming release of CFFS (September 1st) I will … Continue reading

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The People’s Space Program(s)

Blogonauts! Hey, so this is the 21st Century right? (I’m hoping that is a rhetorical question) Therefore, we should have all the cool things that we imagined would be here right? I have addressed this subject-soapbox before, but here is … Continue reading

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Mr. Numinous

Blogatious greetings to one-and-all in the collective love-fest that I call “The Cyber-Cosmos” So, what up here in Wiestworld? Lot’s of things (all of which are vying for their very own Blog title…and so it shall be…) but in the … Continue reading

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