From Here to There… (AGAIN)

BLOGGER NATION! Where have I been? Well, as the title of this blog suggests, but the following words will flesh out…I was in transit. From here to there indeed. Of course… what was here is now there, ’tis the nature of transit. But what of this “AGAIN” reference? Long story short: my family and I are now happily settled in PARADISE, otherwise known as Colorado-or as I like to call it: Wiestorado.

Just look at these happy folks:

Happy Family!















Yep, that is the continental divide behind us. Pretty cool eh? The result of this trek across the country is joy, contentment and vastly improved health. Goodnight everybody!

Oh, but there is more to the title of this delightful wordsmithery that I offer up today. “From Here to There (AGAIN)” can mean a great many things. Indeed, when we get to the very heart of this blog (which is of course: the moving of as much Wiestworld product as possible. Oh yes, I said that) we find the underlying scientific principles of my sci-fi novel The Dover Stone. I speak of course of the process of “folding space” to sneak around the relativistic universal speed limit of 186,000 miles per second (the speed of light) Said topic is one of my favorites and has been discussed here before (see the original “From Here to There” from July 19, 2013) Thus and to wit…here we are AGAIN. The big difference is that the process of folding space to zip across the Einsteinian parking lot of real-time has become a true topic of conversation these days thanks to the wonderful movie Interstellar.

And now…at last…the true center of this blog: my take on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. In short: I loved it! Two opposable thumbs WAY up! If you haven’t seen it yet, please make plans to do so. That is, if you like the following on your cinematic menu:

1. Stuff to think about and ponder. Yes, it is ok and allowable to use that thing that fills your skull. (Hey, I might start a campaign to have that second sentence written in stone and placed in front of every school and gathering place in the U.S. …couldn’t hurt.)











2. Eye Candy FX that is true to science. Not seen really since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, A Space Odyssey. How was it true to scientific principles? Check out the involvement of Kip Thorne and all that they went through to achieve something as close to accurate as possible:

3. Music that is so epic in nature that it is almost an extra character in the story. Some have complained about this aspect, but as a composer I always find myself checking out movie music as much as the story it is supposed to be supporting “incidentally”…so I’m good with it. And the music is by MY BOY Hans Zimmer! I just LOVE his work. To me, Hans’ genius is being epic by using things that are very simple. No easy task. Check out this interview to see how Christopher Nolan capitalized on this Zimmerism even more with Interstellar:

4. A movie that is more character development and interaction than anything else. I have ALWAYS dug this. The Original Star Trek series excelled in this because they had no other choice: no bread = create greatness out of creative necessity. Because Gene Roddenberry had no money, Star Trek (TOS) had to make due with genius-level stories and hall-of-fame chemistry between their characters. But even though The Mighty Coalition of Deep Pockets  that made Interstellar had PLENTY of green, they focused instead on plot development and character interaction. BRILLIANT! No spoilers here, but they all did real good.

5. A plot that is impossible to predict. I thought I had it figured out a bunch of times, only to be surprised again, and again (Oooh, the temptation to add a spoiler or two here is overwhelming! But fear not, if I can cut down on carbs, I can control this urge as well)

So dig: if you are looking for a way to expand your intellectual horizons, with scientifically accurate eye candy and bodacious music, then treat yourself (preferably in an IMAX) to Interstellar!

Here are some morsels to whet your whistle:

Official Trailer:

More Interstellar Hans Music:


About swiest2

Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver
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6 Responses to From Here to There… (AGAIN)

  1. Scott B. says:

    Movie music… do it!

    • swiest2 says:

      Scott B: I think there are two interpretations to your comment. I shall reply to both (if neither are correct, please lemme know😊)

      1. “Movie music…do it!”
      As in: I should compose for movies. There are precious few things I would rather do. It probably is every modern composer’s ultimate dream. But alas, that decision needs to be made in one’s 20s at the latest. LOTS of dues-paying to be done in THAT field. From gofer to cyber copyist to orchestrator to ghost writer all on a 24 hour or LESS deadline…all of that BEFORE one gets a chance to be Hans Zimmer. Or, somebody famous taps you on the shoulder with a magic wand and poof! You write for a film. Neither scenario is likely for me. Plus, I am a pretty slow writer when it comes to music. I think I would implode if given a deadline.

      But thanks for the compliment!

      2. “Movie music…do it!”
      As in “Let’s DO this thing!” or “It’s on!”
      As in “Hurray for movie music! Let’s listen to some.” To this I say: Oh HELL yes! Google “Jerry Goldsmith Planet of The Apes” and let’s go from there!😜

  2. Cal Lewiston says:

    Mr. Wiest, you are, always have been (at least since we met in 1986), and very likely will continue to be for the foreseeable future, IMHO at least, “The Man!” From here to there, Denton to Denver, and work done on Dover, your journey has taken you and your beautiful wife and children to new heights, literally and more than figuratively, but in a real sense, beyond mere place or time. Yours is that space to fold as you may conceive it to be. I, for one, look forward to the shape that space may take!

  3. Hambone says:

    Steve, congrats on your move to Colorado, and your commitment to good health. Everything is connected. Saw the movie the 26th and am still processing it. Will probably have to see it again. Let me know when you are coming home. Hambone

    • swiest2 says:

      Sir Hambone! Thank you my good friend. ‘Tis a long row to hoe this health thing, but thanks to my new mile-high existence, I’m well on my way. Of course, as I am writing this on the day after Thanksgiving, I don’t feel that I’ve traveled very far down said healthy-highway, but I shall continue to plod along.👍😜

      Interstellar takes LOTS of processing! After seeing it twice (so far) myself, I have established a superficial and spotty understanding. I wish that we could get together with Chris Nolan and Kip Thorne and discuss the whole thing over a nice peppermint mocha.
      In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the acting, the thinking, the galactic eye candy and Herr Zimmer.😊

      I’m hoping to make a Burg visit in early January. A mocha-hang with Hambone will most definitely be on the itinerary!❤️

    • swiest2 says:

      Cal! Well, as a semi-professional amateur producer of prosery, all I can say to your word smithery is WOW! And of course Bless Thee profusely and Thank Ye muchly.

      Mucho love to you and your lovely wife and continued health, happiness and galactic grooviness!

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