And The Winner Is…

mcfar57 !!!!!!

Ta Da! Hey, actually EVERYONE is a winner in my opinion. All contestants get a free copy of my CD “Out of The New” no losers THERE! (no brag, just fact…I love that project:) So congrats to all and thanks for taking part!

But mcfar57 stole the show with her ultra hip spin on the question “Are We Alone” check out her post, then dig the photos. She completely hooked me on the thought that she had some kind of ultra-clandestine behind-the-scenes Area 51-type info…only for me to realize that she was speaking from the viewpoint of an extraterrestrial! How cool is THAT? A nice spin indeed. ‘Tis the stuff of good-reads. It answers the question wonderfully while intensifying the mystery all the more.

In fact, it reminds me of the point of view of a favorite story of mine from one of my teenage heroes (when I was a teenager that is) Buzz Aldrin. The second man on the moon wrote a very cool sci-fi novel from the extraterrestrial standpoint titled “Encounter with Tiber” I recommend it highly!


So, here it is. mcfar57 wins Out of the New, Excalibur a pre order for Concerto for Folded Space and a signed copy of The Dover Stone. Congratulations!

Enjoy all ye Blogeteers:


AWE Contest Winner:

From mcfar57

Yes, well, first, I want to thank you for he opportunity of entering this contest. I was passing nearby, when I saw this message. Secondly this is a very important issue – many of my family and friends don’t bother discussing the subject,whether we are “alone” or is there intelligent life on other planets. These past 30 years or so, we have been overwhelmed with rumor, hoaxes, unverifiable sightings or encounters … how do we sift through the myth to find the fact?

I can count three significant encounters with other-world, intelligently designed articles – and after deep research have determined none were made on our planet, the materials have elements not possibly made on or near our planet, and the markings, though decipherable, have roots in a civilization beyond our knowing. I have included images of these articles, and hope you might shed light on their origin.

Finally, without physically meeting any being from this planet, I can only surmise I am not the first to come across evidence of life forms from this world. Others from my home tell stories of life forms, obviously with high intelligence, waving what is said to be arms, planting flags and scurrying around in small transportation units. (Images attached.)

Yes, Mr. Wiest, I truly believe, with the mounting evidence and witness accounts, we are definitely not alone.

Photos: Linked is the slideshow I e-mailed you. Hope this works!


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Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver
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  1. mcfar57 says:

    Steve – Thanks so much! I know the other entrants had gre

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