Contest Time!

Blogatious Nation!

It’s time for a contest!

Visual Rimshot

Visual Rimshot

Yes…my man Jerry Lewis knows how to react to THAT subject line.

So, what up?

Well, I would like to hear what YOU guys think about a subject near-and-dear to my heart: “Are We Alone?” Here are the parameters of the contest and (most importantly) the bodacious expensive SWAG that comes along with it!


“Are We Alone?” (The AWA Contest)


Every freaking member of the cyberverse! (aliens are welcome, and by default instant winners)


The AWA Contest is open until Monday September 9, 2013. WHAT!? Yes, pretty small window…better JUMP ON IT!

How and What to Enter:

Write as much or as little as you like as to your answer to the question “Are We Alone?” This refers to the age-old query of: are we alone in the universe?, is there intelligent life out there besides us?, (do we qualify as intelligent life? Hmmm, perhaps another contest that one…) have aliens visited us?, why have we not been contacted?, have we been contacted but the results have been kept secret?, etc. Go further with it…if you believe we are NOT alone: what would aliens look like? Do they have culture? Do you think they  dig jazz?

Enter your thoughts here on this blog-thread as a comment. Be as creative as possible. Use pictures, videos…come up with something cool! I will pick the winner based on my subjective analysis (and whatever makes me laugh the hardest or ponder the most or say HUH! )

What Will You Win?

JUST FOR ENTERING: Well, for starters, just for entering the contest you will receive a free copy of my CD “Out of the New”!!! (while they last) How is that even possible? Yes, I know…I’m crazy.

FIRST PLACE: A free signed copy of my book The Dover Stone, a free copy of my CDs “Excalibur” and a free copy of my new project “Concerto for Folded Space” (to be released April, 2014…your CD will be sent to you as soon as a hard copy exists)

There is no second or third place winners, only First and EVERYONE!

So, to sum up:

I couldn’t have said it any better. Looking forward to reading your entries!


About swiest2

Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver
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15 Responses to Contest Time!

  1. mcfar57 says:

    Yes, well, first, I want to thank you for he opportunity of entering this contest. I was passing nearby, when I saw this message. Secondly this is a very important issue – many of my family and friends don’t bother discussing the subject,whether we are “alone” or is there intelligent life on other planets. These past 30 years or so, we have been overwhelmed with rumor, hoaxes, unverifiable sightings or encounters … how do we sift through the myth to find the fact?

    I can count three significant encounters with other-world, intelligently designed articles – and after deep research have determined none were made on our planet, the materials have elements not possibly made on or near our planet, and the markings, though decipherable, have roots in a civilization beyond our knowing. I have included images of these articles, and hope you might shed light on their origin.

    Finally, without physically meeting any being from this planet, I can only surmise I am not the first to come across evidence of life forms from this world. Others from my home tell stories of life forms, obviously with high intelligence, waving what is said to be arms, planting flags and scurrying around in small transportation units. (Images attached.)

    Yes, Mr. Wiest, I truly believe, with the mounting evidence and witness accounts, we are definitely not alone.

    *I require another means of sending the images I have described…are you able to supply the needed information?

    • swiest2 says:

      Hello mcfar57 (I know your secret identity, but won’t revel it here…just wanted you to know that I would say hello in a more personal manner if it was cool. Am I digressing?)

      So, first of all thank you for your insightful comments! And, I agree with your reasoning. The overwhelming logic on the side of “we are not alone” actually causes Occaim’s Razor to kick in in my opinion. You make a very good point though in that we must sift through the over-the-top hoaxes and unverifiable reports to get to the real-deal. Also, I believe such unreliable and quite often humorous incidents do a disservice to sober UFOlogy in general —plays right in to what I imagine the disinformation and denial government campaigns are into.

      I can’t wait to see your images. Please do post them! I looked through the various WordPress options and didn’t see a specific tool that could be added, but I know that you can paste links such as Youtube and it shows up as an embedded video. Therefore, I would suggest one of the free image hosting sites such as or I use tinypic all the time when a site doesn’t have an image tool option. Please let me know if that works!

      Also: please message me on Facebook or drop me an e-mail ( with your mailing address and your complimentary copy of “Out of the New” will be on its way ASAP!

  2. Les Kajtsa says:

    “Are We Alone?” (The AWA Contest)
    It was just a short time ago we thought the world was flat. We are not alone. How many others are being entertained by us is unclear. The universe is vast and endless with an infinite number of possibilities of lifeforms carbon based and not.
    I am a believer that human have had a close encounter of the third kind at least. Stone hedge, Pyramids, Carvings all over the planet of the same space travelers close the case for me.
    Now did we go to the moon? That is another question.
    We are not alone and of course….trust no one.

    • swiest2 says:

      Hi Les, I must agree with you my friend in all but one area. As far as the stated question of this contest, I concur completely. Just considering the math involved it is inconceivable that we are alone. Enrico Fermi in asking “Where is everybody” (The famous Fermi Paradox: ) makes the case for the math involved beautifully, even though his final thought is “why aren’t they talking to us or visiting?” That being said, I too believe that we can not possibly be alone. Seems there is a fair amount of faith in science as well…

      Also, you make a great point about the life forms themselves —carbon-based…or something else altogether. When we finally DO make official contact, our galactic brothers and sisters may be inconceivably alien indeed.

      As far as where I don’t agree, even though I love all conspiracy theories and believe in many of them, I just haven’t seen any good evidence that suggests we didn’t really go to the moon (and I’ve watched and enjoyed everything on Youtube about it, pro and con!) Personally, I think we DID go, multiple times…but there was an agenda that we weren’t made privy to. Now THAT to me is a cooler conspiracy theory!

      So, please do send me your mailing address, either on Facebook or e-mail ( and I will pop your copy of “Out of the New” into the post, post-haste!

  3. Dean Giavaras says:

    OK sir. “Are We Alone” contest entry:
    I am willing to go on record here and simply state my opinion that any human that thinks we are or could possibly be alone in the UNIVERSE is just being…., well…, human – which is to say myopic or self important. Dare I say over-rated?!? It is a silly human notion. If we need to feel important lets just pretend that we are the only intelligent life in our galaxy. Good enough. But the whole universe?? Come on now. Is anyone really that bold to think that they can somehow know that we are it in the whole universe, when we can barely even begin to imagine the contents of the whole universe? Silly humans.
    Now truth be told, I want my CD 🙂 And look forward to your work in progress.

    • swiest2 says:

      HA! YOU Sir…are a man after my own heart 🙂 One CD…comin’up. Please send me your mailing address and I shall make it so:

      As far as “silly humans”…I can’t agree more. Once we were so proud as to think we were the center of the universe and everything spins around US. Even though, mathematically speaking, that is true (if the center of something has equidistant lines radiating in every direction…well…but I digress in a philosophical manner…) turns out this is of course not the case. We are galactic suburbanites in a medium sized galaxy awash in an infinite number of other galaxies…the mind shudders at the concept. I believe that we simply CAN NOT be alone.

      And YOU will now have a nice new warm CD to keep you company. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Dorje Bodhi Djime says:

    Hi Mr.Wiest. For Contest:

    There cannot be a definitive answer to that question. Currently, there’s no empirical evidence to support that we are or aren’t alone in the universe. However, we have not yet explored all life on Earth, Mars, Europa, or any other celestial body in our own solar system. It would take over seventy millennia to reach Alpha Centauri (the closest star system) using the fastest (current) conventional methods. Our own galaxy, spanning 100,000 lightyears across, contains over 400 billion stars, both similar and vastly different than our own. Each of them has a unique solar ‘system’ with planets, moons, comets, etc. If those numbers aren’t impressive enough, consider the fact that there are over 170 billion GALAXIES in the observable universe, some of them containing trillions of stars. Our universe alone is estimated to contain >10^24 stars. And don’t forget about the mathematically plausible multiverse!
    We mustn’t think less of our human compatriots for not taking this evidence as proof of life elsewhere in the cosmos. These numbers are incomprehensible to us all. I cannot fathom how many grains of sand exist on Earth…and the stars outnumber the sand. We are all clueless. Anyone claiming more knowledge is either deluded or is himself an alien.
    Despite my cluelessness, I find hope and comfort in the vastness of the cosmos. There’s no room to outright deny the existence of sentient life in the cosmos. Life itself is a guarantee, for we humans and our Earth and Sun come from the exploded remnants of giant supernovae. This is the basis for all creation in the universe, and it happens all the time, everywhere.
    Personally, I think that in the older “more experienced” parts of the universe, there may indeed exist advanced civilizations and space-faring life forms. However, all I’ve got to go on is my love of Star Wars and the undeniable, inconceivable size of the macroverse.

    Thank you

    • swiest2 says:

      WOW! Extremely poetic and well done Dorje Djime. Thank you for your eloquence!
      I think that, at the end of the day, what you have to go on as proof is as good as anything else!

      The sheer scope of the numbers is indeed staggering. Who is to say what is out there? I just hope they come here sometime (again)
      (only the friendly group)

      PS: IF you haven’t already, please send me your mailing address for your CD!

  5. Lisa says:

    I think it would be an incredible waste of whole lot of space if we were the only living beings in this universe. If a few hundred years ago, people thought the Americas were non-existent, than one can hope that in the next hundred years, we can find out where the next area of life to be discovered are waiting. One can only hope that they play trombone, or at least enjoy a jazz-like style of music, and then we can come together for some wicked jam sessions.
    Besides, sci fi books and movies wouldn’t be nearly as popular if people thought it couldn’t happen. Now zombie movies, on the other hand….

    • swiest2 says:

      I think I may have an idea as to your secret identity Ms Lisa! Be that as it may, I certainly agree that one of the best reasons for making contact with an alien species would be the hope that we could get a jam session together (a jazz cat’s way of saying “artistic exchange program”) Spoken like a true trombonist!

      As far as zombie movies…it seems that the zombie genre itself is the great undead 🙂

      PS: IF you haven’t already, please send me your mailing address for your CD!

  6. In regards to, Are we alone? I find that I am never alone. There is me, myself and I, a trilogy of personalities. Each represent a branch of existence. And unfortunately, they never seem to come together while in the presence of others. They seem to individually pop up in different situations, causing some people to recognize me for one or another. Yet overall, blending in with the norm and not causing any scenes. So if I, one mortal person, being able to blend in without any attraction. I would suspect that an alien being could do the same. And I’m not talking about illegal aliens who can disguise themselves as American citizens, but do. That is another story or contest.

    So I do believe there are others out there, and I do mean out there, that blend in with the norm. Who knows, they might even have a new interpretation of jazz that we haven’t even come close to.

    So I am looking forward in your interpretation of the genre, to enjoy and appreciate. I can only imagine the kinds of experience gathered while on Buddy’s and Maynard’s band.


    • swiest2 says:

      Victor! How very cool to spin this towards our own multiple-persona selves. Well done. I too hope that these “way out” cats will be into jazz…or whatever they will be calling it. How could they not? Some form of improvisation-based art must be a part of the culture of a truly advanced race. Perhaps they will appreciate our own version and that common thread will lead to an ultimate understanding of each other. I’d be hard pressed to think of a better foundation for a relationship 🙂

      As far as the alien experiences with Maynard’s band…OY, the stories I could tell! But then, this would have to turn into a “rated R” blog. Perhaps another time! Suffice to say, it was always “out of this world.”

      So, if you haven’t already, please send me a mailing address via and your CD will be on its way forthwith.

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