Hello…Is This Thing On?

Blogateers! Have you ever been on a Montessori Tubethon? , well…that’s what I call it anyway. Here was mine this morning:

During my breakfast routine:

1. Started with Jerry Seinfeld’s genius Internet series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (as an aside, a digression wrapped in a progression, if you will…and even if you won’t…if you haven’t seen this show yet…..oh MAN! You are in for a treat. Pure genius.)

2. Saw the Brian Regan episode, and decided that I liked Brain Regan after not having dug him that much while listening to my favorite radio show 24/7 Comedy (A blog for another day: due to commercials and lame news, no TV for me anymore…due to programming and NPR ‘tude…no radio for me anymore)

3. Went to Youtube to check out some Brian Regan…I noticed some Michio Kaku clips that were featured because I had checked him out recently.

4. Clicked on the Michio Kaku clip titled “The Lunar Landing Hoax” Good stuff, too easy for Mighty Michio to take the caller-cat down though, like shootin’ a duck in a box.

5. Then clicked on the Michio Kaku clip “What Will Happen When Aliens Attack?” I mean COME ON! How could you not click on that?

6. Became inspired to write this post.

7. Checked out a Youtube clip titled “Is the Megalodon Shark Real?” Still don’t know how that got on the Michio thread…but it was very cool.

8. Still haven’t checked out Brian Regan.

Behold: Tube-Trek.


So…..are you going somewhere with this you may ask? Why, yes of course, I may answer:

Fermi’s Paradox: Read digest, then continue…

Didn’t see THAT one coming I’ll bet. And if you did, then you are definitely my kind of person.

So, where IS everybody? Well, that’s not Fermi to say. (HA! Just had to get that out of the way)

I am of the opinion that “they” are indeed out there and that we are not alone. An answer to Fermi’s Paradox is found in the movement “Fermi or You” in my book The Dover Stone (ACE product placement, no?) but in truth, I believe there are any number of reasons why SETI hasn’t heard anything yet, or that we have no incontrovertible proof of EBEs. To me, the question is not “where is everybody” but rather “what will we do when they show up?” Dig what my boy Michio has to say about it:

Dr. Kaku refers to President Ronald Reagan (not related to Brian Regan) and his mentioning of aliens to Mikhail Gorbachev. If you think THAT is startling, check out this excerpt (complete with creepy background music and for some inexplicable reason…subtitles? Ok, maybe for the hearing impaired…but subtitles?) where Reagan famously used the alien threat analogy at a speech before The United Nations:

In the world of UFOlogy and conspiracy theories (ah…there but by the maddening influence of William of Ockham go I. Whole hog!) President Reagan received a briefing on EBEs that was transcribed. And here it is for your unsettling reading pleasure. Check it out, then return to the blog…

Deep huh? Exciting, no? To me it is. Scary…well if you read the movement “Step Aside” from The Dover Stone (BAM!) you would think so.

So, what do YOU think? As Enrico Fermi said “Where is everybody?” Or as Rodney Dangerfield would say “Hello, is this thing on?” Or as Michio Kaku might say: “Are we prepared for the big show?”

What do you say? (talk to me!)


About swiest2

Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver
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5 Responses to Hello…Is This Thing On?

  1. Sam Fettig says:

    GENESIS Chapter 1, versus 2 then 1:
    2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    Could the God who spoke the universe into being also have created other things he did not clue us into? YES!!!!!!! Does that mean he did necessarily? No. But if we truly desire to discover alien worlds, then we can hold fast to this:

    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
    Isaiah” 55:7-9

  2. Sam Fettig says:

    Oh, and I also have been back & forth about whether or not Brian Regan is funny. It’s been a 9-year struggle, and if I’m undecided after so long I must give him the benefit of the doubt; he’s funny.

  3. swiest2 says:

    Hi Sam! Beautiful insights as always Sir. And I agree with you completely. I believe that in God’s House there are many mansions indeed. The Love Supreme who created everything is certainly capable of filling his creation with all kinds of wonderful folk…including us! 🙂

    I often think of our understanding of the Almighty in the same way as a toddler understands their parents. Can a four year old comprehend that the cake they ate for their birthday was made from a plant grown in a field, combined with the unborn young of a chicken and the milk of a bovine? Probably not. Does that change the fact that a cake has flour eggs and milk? Definitely not. Is it still yummy? Oh yes!

    There is much that we don’t understand beyond our own reality. Thus faith comes into play with both science and religion. And I can be both a United Methodist, and a devotee of William Ockham and Arthur C. Clarke (not to mention John Coltrane and J.J. Johnson!)

    “Tis a wonderful world my friend, and I am so glad that you are in it.

    • swiest2 says:

      Plus…after seeing the Jerry Seinfeld episode of Comedians in Cars…I am inclined to agree with you that Brian Regan is indeed funny 🙂

  4. Tom Garling says:

    This will be short! It is mathematically impossible that there isn’t life on other planets in our universe, or so close as to not even mention! ok I’m done. (for now……)

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