From Here to There…

Ok, time to get the party started. In my book The Dover Stone (constant plugging….might as well get used to it 🙂 ) the method that I chose for interstellar travel is called “folding space.” Thus, the title of my new ArtistShare® project Concerto for Folded Space (c’mon…I warned ya) So, I figured….let’s start the discussion there.

To wit:

1. Do you think interstellar travel is possible?

2. If so, what method do you think is most likely?

3. Is there really a cosmic speed limit? (186,000 mi/sec….299,792,458 mps)

Me? I think that not only will there be interstellar flight, but that it already exists. Yep, I am a member of the “League of Cats that Believe in Extraterrestrial Life.” I believe that there is an answer to Fermi’s Paradox …I just don’t know what it is. I really don’t dig any of the possible solutions listed on the site referenced above either. That’s why I came up with the “Oort Wall” in my book (see how I did that?) Makes sense to me —well …kinda makes sense in a sci-fi “gimme” kind of manner. But there has to be a reason why we have no irrefutable ET evidence right?

Is it because the universe is too big and physics just won’t let anyone check out the neighborhood? I think not. Check out what my man Michio Kaku has to say about it:


Click Here for Kaku’s Folded Space Article

Now we’re talkin! For me, the whole world of Planck energy and string theory seems like a fertile zone of possibilities. But, hey …I’m a a jazz musician who loves science fiction. Ignorance is bliss and any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Thanks Arthur C. Clarke) So, wha cha gonna do?

Here are Dr. Kaku’s conclusions:

Most scientists doubt interstellar travel because the light barrier is so difficult to break. However, to go faster than light, one must go beyond Special Relativity to General Relativity and the quantum theory. Therefore, one cannot rule out interstellar travel if an advanced civilization can attain enough energy to destabilize space and time. Perhaps only a Type III civilization can harness the Planck energy, the energy at which space and time become unstable. Various proposals have been given to exceed the light barrier (including wormholes and stretched or warped space) but all of them require energies found only in Type III galactic civilizations. On a mathematical level, ultimately, we must wait for a fully quantum mechanical theory of gravity (such as superstring theory) to answer these fundamental questions, such as whether wormholes can be created and whether they are stable enough to allow for interstellar travel. –Michio Kaku

What do YOU think? Talk to me…



As per Joe Merritt’s great suggestion, I have ordered Michio’s “Physics of The Impossible” You can order your copy here. (I recommend it highly)




Another Addendum!

Evidence… A man of my word 🙂 Thanks Joe. Now I have some digesting to do!




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Steve Wiest is a Trombonist-Composer-Cartoonist-Author and Coordinator of The 21st Century Music Initiative at The Lamont School of Music: The University of Denver
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5 Responses to From Here to There…

  1. Ken Masters says:

    Wow! I can hang with you guys as far as: Yes, I believe it’s possible. And, yes, I think other beings have likely already done it. After that, it’s in the hands of the quantum physicists!

    • swiest2 says:

      I hear ya Ken. As far as the actual science behind science fiction, I deal with it like driving my car. That is, with my car I can turn it on and make it work, drive it fairly well (my wife has a more detailed opinion on that topic…) but when it comes to understanding how it works or fixing a problem… I take it to my friendly neighborhood car mechanic.

      The only real flaw in that analogy is that I read sci-fi for enjoyment while I use my car to get from point A to B. Not a big car guy. Although I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to give me a Lamborghini. Just sayin’.

  2. Joe Merritt says:

    Interesting speculation. I am in the middle of Kaku’s book, “The Physics of the Impossible”. Lots of good brain food there. I think I am in the same camp as Steve when it comes to cars 🙂

  3. swiest2 says:

    Hi Joe, I am ordering that book today! I love Michio’s work. How cool to live in an age when physicists are popular? Now, we have to work on those jazz musicians …:)

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